The Buttons

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The help button opens an overview of the CRF you are working on. It shows the most important information on buttons you may find on the page.


Use this button if you need to abandon this form/session in a hurry and plan to resume it at a later stage. No validation whatsoever will take place.


Check if the form is correct. If there should be wrong entries, a message will appear and the wrong fields will be marked in red. For more detailed information see chapter 3.3 CRF Validation.


Save this Form without signing it. The form will have to be signed at a later stage by you or another person.


Save this Form and sign it with your electronic signature.


Go back to the schedule of this patient. The schedule shows you all CRF forms.

Do not forget to save any unsaved data before using this button!


Export the form to PDF in order to print or archive it. Only saved information will be shown on the PDF!


Use this button to see the history of this form. Who has entered the form? What has been updated, when and by whom?


This button brings you to the page that lists the queries and their status.


Takes you back to the CRF.