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Once you have selected a patient from the Patient List, the schedule of this patient is shown. It gives you the details of the patient as well as an overview of all CRFs, the due ones as well as those that have already been entered.




Following information is shown for every CRF:



The date by which the CRF is expected to have been entered. Expected dates are only shown 6 months in advance



If the CRF has already been entered, the form date will be displayed. The color of the dated field indicates the following:

Orange fields

CRF not yet signed, may be complete or not

Green fields

CRF Signed

Yellow fields

Query pending on CRF

Red fields

CRF is due but has not yet been entered.



Form Button

This button will lead you to the actual CRF



A CRF can have different stati: Not Complete, Complete, Signed, Frozen. Read more about the stati of a CRF in the section ‘CRF Workflow’.