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In order to log into SINATRAS, go the following address:


Log in with the SINATRAS username and password which the SAKK CC has sent you. This information is confidential and may not be shared.


Never write your username or password down together.


Never give your login and/or password to any other person.

Using another person's login/password to enter data is the same as forging someone's signature on a paper CRF!


You will have the possibility to change your password (this will be explained later in this Chapter).


If you forgot your password, please contact the SAKK Coordinating Center. They will send you a new one.


If you are not sure who is logged into SINATRAS at any timepoint, you can either

Log out and log in again, or

check the navigation area on the left-hand side, which will tell you who is logged in at any time: