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New patients can be registered and randomized by SINATRAS.





To register or randomize a new patient, all you have to do is press “Select” in the >New Patient< row. This will take you to the patient data registration screen:



Here you have to select the registering institution and enter the initials of the patient, as well as the patient's sex and birth date (or birth year). All the fields except “Investigator” are mandatory fields.


Next, click on "Validate". The system will then verify that the patient has not yet been registered, and that the age of the patient is within the defined range.


If validation was successful, the following message will be displayed:




You can then click on "Go On" to get to the eligibility form and finalize your registration/randomization.



This button takes you back to the Patient list.


If you want to print this page, use this button. The printed page will look exactly like the webpage.